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Marianne, a 23 French girl obsessed with Oasis, The Smiths, The Strokes, The 1975 & The Libertines. And many others. Noel & Liam Gallagher, Johnny Marr & Morrissey, Pete Doherty & Carl Barat, Julian Casablancas, are and will always be my heroes. My absolute dream would be to become a journalist.... Instagram and Twitter @maryanne_omg My other blogs are about The 1975 http://maryanne-omg.tumblr.com The Strokes/The Voidz http://from-paris-to-new-york-city.tumblr.com Private fashion blog with my outfits http://mariannedi.tumblr.com Oh and I also have a fashion blog : www.whatbluevalentinedidnext.tumblr.com Concerts I've been to : Jonnhy Marr - Paris, 23-07-2013 // Franz Ferdinand - Paris, 23-07-2013 // Eugene McGuinness / Miles Kane - Nantes, 29-10-2013 // Haim / Phoenix - Toulouse, 16-11-2013 // Phoenix - Nantes, 6-02-2014 // Phoenix - Paris, 08-02-2014 // Babyshambles - Toulouse, 13-02-2014 // Beady Eye - Lausanne, 19-02-2014 (Liam recognized me and hugged me yes it was the best thing ever ) // Babyshambles - Paris, 29-03-2014

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The Strokes | Barely Legal

I didn’t take no shortcuts
I spent the money that I saved up

Everything you do at a certain time in your life, no matter what the song’s about, all the energy is really directed towards that one person. Whether that was for Carl. Or for Kate. Or for someone else I fell in love with. - Peter Doherty (via icantrate-rapemyself)


things i don’t own enough of
• lingerie
• candles
• make up
• other useless things that will get me nowhere in life but I want them


drenge by alec mcleish